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Micheal Billy - The Retired Hitman

The serene tranquility of the lake was suddenly interrupted by the unmistakable echo of a shotgun being pumped. Dr. Moore and Virgil stood on a wide, slightly awkward rock that jutted out into the lake, resembling an observation deck for the breathtaking expanse of water. As the rising sun painted the sky behind the lake, they turned to greet the newcomer. "Michael Billy, how are you doing this fine morning?" Virgil greeted; his eyes fixed on the horizon. The man they addressed walked past Virgil and stood a couple of feet in front of both men, cradling the shotgun in his arms and letting it hang by a sturdy leather strap. "What a wonderful view," Dr. Moore complimented, his gaze also drawn to the picturesque landscape. "Yes, it is," replied the man, his voice gruff and weathered. He seemed out of place in his rugged overalls and dusty boots against the backdrop of natural beauty. Dr. Moore reached up to scratch his head through his curly black hair. "Well, it's been a while since I've seen you two together. And when I did, it's usually because a favor was needed," the man observed, breaking the silence. Then, he turned to face them. "What do you need from me, Samuel and Virgil?" The two men exchanged a glance before Dr. Moore spoke. "Michael Billy, do you know a guy by the name of David Byrne?" "The name sounds familiar," Michael Billy replied. "Do you know Ms. Suzette Tate?" Dr. Moore continued. Michael Billy's face hardened, his eyes flicking between Virgil and Dr. Moore. "Yeah, I know Mrs. Tate. Why?" he inquired. "Ms. Tate believes her late husband was killed by David Byrne and his business partner. She's deeply affected by her husband's death, especially by the way he was found," Dr. Moore explained, taking a thoughtful puff from his cigar and exhaling the smoke into the air. "He was found – well, one part of him. His body was discovered in the middle of a cow pasture. The other part, his head, was found in the bottom of an outhouse." "Damn," Michael Billy muttered. "The man was utterly disrespected," Virgil added. "That's messed up. He must have really angered those two guys," Michael Billy remarked. "Just downright disrespectful." "As a mortician, I was livid, but due to the circumstances, I managed to put the body back together and hold an open casket funeral," Dr. Moore said with a sense of pride. "You worked a miracle, Doc," Virgil commended. "Just skills and abilities," Dr. Moore modestly replied. "Why did you two come up here in the mountains to see me? I'm sure it's not just to tell me a story," Michael Billy asked. Dr. Moore reached into his jacket's breast pocket and produced an envelope, extending it to Michael Billy. He took the envelope, opened it, and pulled out a folded letter. After scanning its contents, he looked back at Virgil and Dr. Moore, his eyes widening and lips curling into a grin. "Is she serious?" he asked, chuckling. "I'm afraid she is $50,000 serious," Dr. Moore confirmed. "Old friend, Mrs. Tate has a special request, and I need your help," Dr. Moore said. "What do you need from me?" Dr. Moore glanced at Virgil before turning back to Michael Billy. "We need you to go to New York City and pay Mr. Byrne a visit, offering him a proposition he can't refuse. You have the connections to make this... well, make this request happen." After Dr. Moore and Virgil left, Michael Billy stood outside his beautiful lakeside home, contemplating the favor his friends had asked of him. "Damn, they just won't let me be," he murmured with a wry smirk as he started walking toward his house.

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