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Randy Moon is a highly accomplished author renowned for his exceptional storytelling skills in the crime fiction genre. Under the pen name Schuyler Randall, he has captivated readers with his compelling narratives, establishing a formidable presence. His acclaimed novels, such as "Jacqueline Willoughby," "Raina," and "Francis Laurent," have solidified his reputation as a remarkable talent within the crime-thriller genre.

In 2021, Randy Moon's outstanding storytelling prowess was acknowledged when "Francis Laurent," a gripping tale of corruption, revenge, and redemption, earned him The Audiobook Reviewer's prestigious Best Thriller in the Crime category award. This recognition serves as a testament to the depth and quality of his work.

In addition to his literary achievements, Randy actively contributes to the growth of the local writing community. He hosts engaging online Noir at the Bar events, delivers captivating live readings, and is proudly affiliated with the esteemed Hoover Public Library Write Club. Notably, he made a memorable appearance on the television morning talk show Talk of Alabama, where his talent was showcased.

Randy's passion for writing was nurtured in Graysville, a small mining town on the outskirts of Birmingham, Alabama. In 2017, his lifelong dream of authoring a novel became a reality with the release of "Jacqueline Willoughby," a heart-pounding narrative set in Birmingham, delving into a series of chilling murders intricately linked to an ancient, mysterious book.

Following the tremendous success of his debut, Randy delved deeper into the crime fiction genre, producing the enthralling prequel "Raina" and the third installment in his published works, "Francis Laurent." As Randy's writing career continues to ascend to new heights, he has decided to embrace his true name, Randy Moon, for future literary endeavors, guided by the wisdom and support of the writing community.

Beyond his literary pursuits, Randy draws inspiration from live music, festivals, sporting events, and exploring vibrant destinations. Immersing himself in diverse cities' architecture and unique cultures fuels his creativity and enhances his imaginative capacity. Currently residing in McCalla, Alabama, Randy finds solace in a world where boundless imagination and creativity flourish.

As Randy embarks on his next literary venture, he invites readers to join him on an unforgettable journey. Whether exploring the realms of fantasy or captivating audiences with his gripping crime writing, his words are sure to ignite the reader's imagination and keep them spellbound from beginning to end.

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