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Hayley M. Moon Lights Up Birmingham Noir at the Bar: A Night of Literary Magic

Birmingham Noir at the Bar is gearing up for an unforgettable evening on Saturday, February 24th, 2024, as it proudly presents ten exceptional writers, each poised to captivate the audience with their unique voices and compelling narratives. Among the distinguished lineup is the enigmatic and immensely talented Hayley M. Moon, who is set to leave an indelible mark on this celebrated literary event.

Hayley M. Moon is an acclaimed author of mystery and suspense tales. She has an eerie imagination and skillfully weaves haunting, spellbinding stories that keep readers desperately turning pages. Hayley's debut novel, "Taming Armand," has just been released to great anticipated and excitement. Click on the link.

Moon's website "The Weirdo Writes" showcases her creative talents and gives readers a peek into the peculiar, mysterious worlds she builds with words. As one of ten featured authors, Hayley will showcase her writing and storytelling prowess at the Birmingham Noir event. Attendees can expect an evening of dark, alluring literary exploration as Moon transports them into her intricate, thrilling narratives. With her background crafting atmospheric tales and her forthcoming novel generating buzz, Hayley's segment promises to captivate and entertain. Mystery aficionados won't want to miss her performance - an opportunity to delve deeper into the imagination behind "Taming Armand" and the compelling universes of "The Weirdo Writes."

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