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Jack Sharman: Where White Collar Meets Crime Fiction at Birmingham Noir at the Bar

Introduction: Prepare for an evening of legal drama and a touch of noir as crime fiction writer Jack Sharman takes center stage at Birmingham Noir at the Bar. Sharman's unique blend of white-collar crime and dark-heart literature delivers a gripping narrative.

White Collar Crime and Literary Craft: Jack Sharman is not your typical crime fiction writer. With a background in white-collar criminal defense, Sharman infuses his narratives with a deep understanding of legal and political intricacies, making his stories not only thrilling but also intellectually stimulating. He navigates a complex world of seamlessly and creates a new legal drama for a new century.

Law Meets Literature: As a seasoned lawyer and accomplished author, Sharman delves into the intersections of law and literature. His keen insights into the legal realm add authenticity to his narratives, providing readers with a front-row seat to the inner workings of the criminal justice system. Sharman's storytelling marries legal expertise and literary finesse in a new kind of thriller.

The Martini Touch: What's noir without a touch of the classic martini? Jack Sharman brings not only legal acumen to the table but also a flair for the dramatic. Just like the perfect martini, his writing is a carefully crafted blend of suspense, intrigue, and a splash of the unexpected. Enjoy a literary journey that leaves a lingering taste of excitement and a thirst for more.

Join the Conversation: To delve deeper into Jack Sharman's world of crime fiction, law, and literature, be sure to check out his blog. Here, you can gain insights into his creative process, explore the inspirations behind his stories, and connect with the mind behind the martini glass and the legal brief.

Don't miss the opportunity to witness Jack Sharman's storytelling live at Birmingham Noir at the Bar. Get ready for a night of white-collar crime, legal thrills, and literary excellence.

Join us on Saturday, February 24th, 2024, starting at 6 pm for Noir at the Bar! We'll be at The Red Cat Coffeehouse @ Pepper Place, 2901 2nd Ave S #120, Birmingham, AL 35233. Expect mystery, intrigue, and a night to remember!

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